ICARUS Project Results

You can access the free and open ICARUS Digital Training Toolbox for Industry 4.0 on the following page:


Click here to download the ICARUS book which brings together all the results of this Erasmus+ project.

This page outlines the results which will be achieved throughout the ICARUS project. These results will be uploaded to this page and made freely available for use by HEI learners and trainers.

Specifications for an Open and Digital Training Toolbox

The first step of the project was to determine the needs of the HEI trainers and learners in order to develop the specifications of the ICARUS Training Toolbox.

Download the Report on the ICARUS Specifications here

Compendium for Industry 4.0 Modular Course

The second step was to ensemble and develop the Industry 4.0 training content, including different technologies and approaches.

Academics and Trainers click on this link to access the raw version of the ICARUS content

Modular Industry 4.0 Case Studies

A set of case studies were collated where Industry 4.0 technologies have been successfully implemented in Industry in different European countries.

Access the ICARUS Case Studies on this link.

Pedagogic framework for applying the ICARUS digital content

An innovative pedagogic framework was developed to support the teaching of the Industry 4.0 content via digital technologies, e.g. e-learning, social media, training unit, etc.

Access the ICARUS Pedagogic Framework on this link

ICARUS e-learning Toolbox

The compendium, case studies and pedagogic framework have been combined and presented to HEI stakeholders via an e-learning or OER format to enable open and free access.

Click on this link to access the e-learning Toolbox

Industry 4.0 HEI Mobile Training Unit

A pilot mobile training unit which demonstrates Industry 4.0 technologies and can be used for live training of HEI learners will be developed and implemented.

Click on this link and access the Mobile Training Unit content in the e-learning Toolbox